Hi! I’m Viddhi Saschit


'I help floral enthusiastic artists who are feeling overwhelmed and stuck, by providing them resources and a community to help them learn, grow and evolve as a FLOURISHING artist.'

As budding artists, we all get introduced with so many options by looking at other floral artists in different spheres of their niche - from original art, prints, unique products, surface prints, online classes, patreon, workshops and many more. The possibilities are just too many that we get stuck more often, feel overwhelmed and alone. We end up doing so many things which results in burn out, creative block, fear, doubts etc. Right?

I have been in this place of feeling overwhelmed in the initial years of my career too and I know and understand how difficult it might be sometimes for you too. The sunny side up is that through my experience, discovering my unique style and deciding my path, I deepened my journey into the floral world. After finding my own niche, I realized that there are so many doors for florals artists but we often limit to a few.

 So to help you see different doors of opportunity available to you as an artist and enrich you with my experiences which shall help you navigate your path with ease, I created " THE CREATIVE FLORAL SOCIETY" which is a one of a kind membership where you will be able to find inspiration, learn, grow and flourish in a creative career that you have been dreaming

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