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The Creative Floral Society is one of a kind membership focusing on helping floral artists grow and flourish.

Overview of what this membership will look like 

  • Monthly Color mixing + Palette lesson.
  • Monthly painting lesson on florals (Watercolor, Exploring different painting styles, gouache, acrylic, mix media, floral line art, etc)
  • Monthly growth resource to help your grow, website design, how to photograph your pictures, newsletters, how to start building your business, etc..)
  • Monthly Q&A live session
  • Useful resources, worksheets/PDF, book recommendations, time management, etc.
  • Paint parties, giveaways, art challenges and so much more

Take a look of how "The Creative Floral Society" is helping the current members 


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Whats included each month ?


Learn a new colour palette lesson each month and understand colour combinations better. 


Learn new floral paintings each month in different styles and mediums (watercolour, gouache, acrylics, mix media)



Each month you will receive content that will help you in your growth like - basics of photoshop, photo styling, editing, work sheets, mindset training, etc. 



Ask away all your questions in a  monthly live Q&A call. 

All of this and much more like paint parties, art challenges to help you grow and develop your skills, bonus lessons, etc.. and the community you will get to be a part of is priceless. 




So much of goodness waiting for you inside " The Creative Floral Society" 

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